Ice Cream Activity

Sort and Count Activity

Mathematics education is very important in preschool period. Preschoolers are curious and researcher. They like to learn by trying during this period. Improving the mental abilities of preschoolers is possible through “math activities“.

We have prepared for you free pdf of activities that you can easily implement at home and at school for preschool and kindergarten on our site.

How There is a Benefit?

This activity is very rich in math skills.First, preschool children will use their imagination with the painting activity. Second,they will contribute to hand muscle with cutting and pasting activity. They will improve their math skills by sorting and counting numbers. Most importantly, they will begin to learn math willingly.

How do i do it?

  1. Print Out pdf
  2. Paint the cones and ice cream balls
  3. Cut the cones and ice cream balls
  4. Paste the cones into cardboard according to the figures
  5. Stick ice cream balls according to their number

Note: Most importantly, let’s not forget to applaud and congratulate your child.

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