Birthday Cake

Learning numbers

The purpose of our activity is that it is very important for your children to do it fondly and dreamily while doing the math activity. Numbers math activity will be very useful in improving your children’s math skills. Will be able to recognize the numbers, count the numbers and sort the numbers. Of course he’ll have a lot of fun doing it. In addition to this, it will make cutting and pasting operations that will benefit novelization. It will contribute to both mental and physical development with the activity of painting. Knowing the numbers and counting the numbers and doing a nice math activity about it will give your child a lot of joy.


1- Pdf output
2- Crayons
3- Prit
4- Points

How to do?

1- First we need to print out a pdf.
2- We cut the layers of the cake in your math event with scissors.
3- Cut cake layers in order to paste the numbers appropriate.
4- Paste cake layers created a huge cake. We paint it in the desired colors.

We added a candle on it and celebrated our birthday. You can also do this.Enjoy yourselves.

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